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The Original weighted vest, WALKVEST® by Debbie Rocker, safely adds resistance to your workout so your body loses weight quickly.
  • Burn excess calories
  • Add muscle, lose fat
  • Condition core/ strengthen abdominals
  • Build bone density

Valerie Bertinelli loves her WALKVEST®so much (you can see why) that she personally introduced it to Oprah and Rachel Ray on TV – click here to see a clip.

Valerie says, it’s her weight loss secret, and “I love my WALKVEST - I don’t leave home without it!”

While you walk, WALKVEST® helps you burn excess calories, tone muscle, condition abs, and build bone density.

Safely lose weight, strengthen your abs, protect your lower back and improve posture by walking in the WALKVEST®.

And listen to Debbie’s motivating CDs to turn walking into an effective total body exercise that you will want to do everyday.

I hope you feel the same way Val does.
-Debbie Rocker

How Does WALKVEST® Work?
WALKVEST® safely adds weight, from 2 to 16 lbs.(12 lbs. maximum load in the Small WALKVEST only), to your normal body weight. Wear the vest while walking and the added resistance safely causes your body to work harder - you burn more calories as you walk, so you lose weight faster. Furthermore, your bones are forced, by carrying the extra weight, to grow denser and stronger, which helps prevent osteoporosis. This is the number one way to build bone density – we have doctors’ recommendations, and research to prove it.

Why use the WALKVEST?!
Because we are the Original and Debbie is the expert!
With your Original WALKVEST Weight Vest, you get Debbie Rocker’s free introductory walking workout on CD.
Let Debbie show you why WALKVEST is the only weight vest you should use.

Included with in your WALKVEST Package:

  • 1 WALKVEST (available in 4 sizes)
  • 8 half-pound weights
  • Beginning 20-minute "WALKOUT" CD
  • Informative brochure

*Additional weights and CD's available

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